Staffing Resources for Hedge Funds

bullet Matthew Balraj is a project manager with over 12 years of development experience. He is a Graduate in Science from Madras University, India. He is the team leader responsible for our line of reconciliation programs along with custom Web site development and database applications. He is married with a son. In hisSue Ellen Gilmartin free time he enjoys reading about a variety of subjects. We are proud to say that Matthew also helps extensively in organizations involved in social development.

bullet David Hamel is a software developer with twenty years of programming experience. As a consultant to Chicago Title and Trust, he designed and developed a series of programs to assist the bank with data conversions required by differing check processors, as well as a program to automate the process of issuing and revising Real Estate Exchange Agreements. He is also the designer and developer of the Boxer Text Editors. We use David's experience with various file formats to design solutions which integrate client's normally unrelated applications. His software has received recognition with industry awards, and he has published articles in various technical journals. David is married with two children, and enjoys collecting antique advertising signs.

bullet David Keith has over a decade of experience in programming, networking and training. His past experience includes designing software for financial portfolio pricing and management, stock trading analysis, workgroup information sharing and web site content management. He has served as a Project Technical Coordinator, in both an employee and contract relationship, with the Dean Witter Discover Company and the Bankers Trust Company. David is responsible for both the design and development of our Bloomberg Mapping and Pricing Application and our Portfolio Manager program. Currently David is enjoying his newborn son and hopes to share his love of fishing, camping and the great outdoors with him when he is older.

bullet Josh Korwin has been independently involved in creative design for over six years. Throughout the course of his career he has designed everything from album covers to promotional presentations. Thanks to the versatility of current technology, Josh has had the opportunity to work with people around the world, including projects based in Italy, England, and Japan. In addition to our hedge fund clients, Josh has done work for Styx / R.E.O. Speedwagon, and Rawkus Entertainment. He is currently responsible for the visual design of many of our clients' Web sites.

bullet Sumathi Thomas has 15 years of development experience providing solutions for companies involved in the alternative investment, currency exchange, communication and manufacturing industries. For the past 10 plus years she has worked for Thompson & Associates providing programming services to our hedge fund clients. Sumathi has been the lead developer on many projects including our reconcilation programs and a major SQL Server P&L project plus a large number of custom reports. She is also responsible for the custom SharePoint web parts and reports that we develop. She is a Graduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering from M.K University in India. She is married and blessed with a son. In her free time (what we give her!) she enjoys reading.

bullet Karl Thompson is the founder of the firm as well as the software publisher, Pine Grove Software, LLC. Karl serves as the Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer. His experience includes seven years of consulting service to Julian Robertson's group of hedge funds, Tiger Management LLC plus an additional dozen years to a number of other leading hedge funds. Presently, Karl is responsible for application design and project management. He graduated with honors from Grove City College located in Grove City, PA. On a personal note, he is married and has three children. When there is time for relaxation, he enjoys family activities such as snow skiing and swimming.